Yeni Üye
31 Mar 2020
Pure Herbal Immunity Blend

It is necessary to include instructions for use and detail on what would be normal and maximum doses. How much of the active ingredient contains the concentration. A web page to access other analysis or more detailed information. The content of other ingredients in the solution, such as some main terpenes, or if made with olive oil, alcohol, etc. The CBD compound itself and extracted from hemp varietals, does not have the same effect as CBD extracted from recreational varietals, due to what is known as the “entourage effect” (the effect produced by all the elements and components found in one plant activated at a time). In a joint work with we have established a series of protocols that need to be continued to keep the 15 companies involved equally. The continuity of a control with laboratory reports to maintain the coherence of the project is set as a prerequisite, and all of them are carried out in Spain, at the Foundation facilities in Valencia. Undoubtedly, we do not know yet everything that is about to know about this new medicine, nor on what is the best way to administer it or under what conditions .. it is a trial-error situation that will last for some time, however Yes, we can affirm that the sharing of our small knowledge and databases worldwide has led us to see that there is a growing utility for CBD as a medicinal product. Says Luis Oliva, clinical doctor and homeopath. At age 55 he was diagnosed with glaucoma. After performing traditional and alternative medical treatments, he temporarily improved. But as the symptoms worsened, a Spanish professional, a researcher of natural therapies, recommended that you consume cannabis in oil, a preparation that is made with the plant. On the questions of colleagues, Oliva points out that it is a substance with beneficial properties for certain cases and that "further research" should be encouraged. “It is a beginning, you should analyze its benefits in depth and inform us more about the plant. Take away the nickname of drugs, from the negative aspect and take advantage of its qualities, ”he says. This is how he decided to join the Movement for Free Cannabis (Mocali), composed of groups and activists from all over the country who are traveling on conferences for the dissemination of medical and industrial cannabis under the name "Cannamed".